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Sun Dan Super Model

Reg. no
: FIN16087/08
: 15.11.2007
: Hairless
Susanna Heiskanen (Sun Dan, Finland)
Henna Kantola

  • ©eppu

  • ©Hanne Tuomenoksa

  • ©

  • ©Katja Laurila

  • ©Miikael Leskinen

  • ©Miikael Leskinen

  • 7weeks

Siblings (6)


Sun Dan Super Goofy
Sun Dan Super Trooper
Sun Dan Super Cool
Sun Dan Super Blond
Sun Dan Super Model
Sun Dan Super Sweet Rose

Offspring (11) (Descendents)

dob: 30.03.2012  Sire: Tippytoes Pai Mei

Ch. Valanyan Too hot for U
Ch. Valanyan I'm Hot You're Not
Ch. Valanyan Red-Hot

dob: 29.05.2010  Sire: Solino's Notorious Nitro at Legends

Ch. Valanyan Shake Your Kitty
Valanyan The Fame Monster
Ch. Valanyan Alejandro
Ch. Valanyan Starstruck

dob: 06.03.2009  Sire: Chinetta's Cheek Baretta

Ch. Valanyan Hello Kitty
Valanyan Hugo Boss
Valanyan Haute Couture
Ch. Valanyan High Fashion

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