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PLCH  PLJCH  Rada Alfa Laval

: 01.02.2008
: Hairless
L.Kuznetsova- Rudnikovicz
Owner unknown.

  • ©Fotopupil - Rumia

  • ©Fotopupil - Rumia

  • ©

  • Rada
    ©Black Dragon

  • CACIB Wroclaw

  • Internatonal Dog Show in Leszno (Poland)- BOB jun

  • ©Pastoral

  • ©Alfa Laval

  • ©Alfa Laval

  • ©Alfa Laval

  • ©Alfa Laval

  • ©Alfa Laval

  • ©Alfa Laval

  • ©Alfa Laval

  • ©Alfa Laval

  • ©Alfa Laval

  • ©Alfa Laval


PLL - clear
prcd PRA - clear

Siblings (4)


Richard Lvinoe Serdce
Rada Alfa Laval



Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob: 23.04.2015  Sire: Tippytoes Exuberant

Z Catani Poland (fci) Lolka

dob: 27.10.2013  Sire: Alfa Laval Casting On Time

Burbon Catani
Bugatti Catani
Bandit Catani
Baylle's Catani
Bentley Catani

dob: 03.02.2012  Sire: Alfa Laval Casting On Time

Bahama Pastoral
Bianco Bis Pastoral
Brava Pastoral
Ch. Barchetta Pastoral
Baltazar Pastoral
Bilbo Baggins Pastoral
Baltazar Pastoral

dob: 10.10.2010  Sire: Legolas Pastoral At Camoto

Zefir Pastoral
Zeppelin Pastoral
Zambia Pastoral
Zecca Pastoral

dob: 14.02.2010  Sire: KARAT Pastoral

Wajdelota Walentynkowy Pastoral
Walenty - Wegielek Pastoral
Ch. Wenga Walentynka Pastoral

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