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Crested Starz Lordi

Reg. no
: S36828/2007
: 08.04.2007
: Aprikos & vit
: Powderpuff
Marie Falk (Crested Starz, Sweden)
Sophia Lidström Tossman
  • Midsommar 2009
    ©Jan Eric Grahn

  • Vinst i Vännäs
    ©Jan Eric Grahn

  • Roy
    ©Jan Eric

  • Roy
    ©Jan Eric

  • Roy 1 år
    ©Jan-Eric Grahn

  • ©Jan-Eric Grahn

  • ©Jan-Eric Grahn

  • ©Jan-Eric Grahn

Siblings (11)


Crested Starz Kizz
Crested Starz Metallica
Crested Starz Nightwish
Crested Starz Lordi
Crested Starz Evanescence


Crested Starz Grace Kelly
Crested Starz Humphry Bogart
Crested Starz Clark Gable
Crested Starz James Dean
Crested Starz Cary Grant
Crested Starz Betty Davis

Offspring (9) (Descendents)

dob: 24.10.2010  Dam: Love Over gold's Amour Ami

Love Over Gold's Viking Kronos
Love Over Gold's Going Kronos
Love over gold's lisa amerika
Love Over Gold's Viola Silas

dob: 28.11.2009  Dam: Carann's Grace Kelly

Beachcrest Firehawk
Beachcrest Starfire
Beachcrest Caprice
Beachcrest Chevelle
Beachcrest Cherokee

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