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AMCH  VDHCH  CERCH  DCH(Club)  PLCH  Deutscher Champion,Clubwinner Germany 2012 , Winner Thalheim 2012 ,Winner Hannover 2013Multi Ch. Mooncrest Mardi Gras AOM

: 03.09.2007
: Black & White
: Powderpuff
: 30.48cm (12")
Debbie LeGrand (Mooncrest's USA, United States)
Lysette Kitzing (Yunao's, Germany)

  • ©Yunao´s

  • ©Yunao´s

  • ©M.H.

  • ©M.H.

  • 11.11.12

  • 13.11.2012

  • 29.07.2012 Clubshow Baunatal,V1 Clubwinner 2012
    ©Ann Kathrin

  • Studmale
    Juni 2012

  • Juni 2012

  • Juni 2012

  • ©Yunao´s

  • May 2012

  • ©holloway

  • ©Jennifer Young

  • ©Jennifer Young


29.07.2012 Clubshow 2012 Baunatal V1, CAC Club,CAC VDH, Clubsieger
11.08.2012 CAC Beelitz V1, CAC VDH, CAC Club
18.08.2012 CACIB Leipzig V2,Res.CAC VDH, Res.CAC Club
19.08.2012 CAC Leipzig V2, Res.CAC VDH,Res.CAC Club
09.09.CAC Thalheim V1, CAC Club,CAC VDH, BOS,Winner Thalheim,Best Male
22.09.2012 CAC Peißen V1,CAC Club,CAC VDH
30.09.2012 CACIB Rostock, V1, CAC VDH, CAC Club
27.10.2013 CACIB Hannover, V1, CAC VDH, CAC Club,CACIB,BOB
PRA and PLL clear
Patella 0/0


Siblings (6)


Mooncrest Space Cowboy
Mooncrest Jetter
Mooncrest Miss American Pie
Mooncrest Santana
Mooncrest Black Magic Woman
Multi Ch. Mooncrest Mardi Gras AOM

Offspring (43) (Descendents)

dob: 13.01.2013  Dam: Dimbra von den Windpferden

Odette von den Windpferden
Ophelia von den Windpferden
Odysseus von den Windpferden
Orpheus von den Windpferden

dob: 05.08.2012  Dam: Hilary Little Champs

Cherry Lady of Candymoor Castle
Charming Checker of Candymoor Castle
Careless Whisper of Candymoor Castle
Carry away my Heart of Candymoor Castle
Crazy Little Love of Candymoor Castle
Ch. Cruella de Ville of Candymoor Castle.
Candle in the Wind of Candymoor Castle

dob: 12.12.2011  Dam: Zsa Zsa Gabor von Shinbashi

Yunao's Ilay Yalano
Ch. Ch. Yunao's Isabel Ika Isany
Yunao's Iko Isaro

dob: 18.08.2011  Dam: Kimiko von Shinbashi

Yunao's Hestara Inya Yali
Yunao's Haruto Shari
Yunao's Haruka Misaki Anzu
Yunao's Hariko Harin
Yunao's Hamara Naoko Bara

dob: 15.01.2011  Dam: CH Marquis Dirty Dancing HL

Ch. BCNU Throw Me Something Mister PP
BCNU Dancing Down Bourbon Street
Ch. GCH Bcnu Cruisin' The Big Easy
Bcnu Do That Voo Doo That You Do

dob: 29.12.2010  Dam: Merlyn Mega Millions

Crest-Vue's Shock Wave
Crest-Vue's Shock'N Ahh
Crest-Vue's Shock Treatment

dob: 24.12.2010  Dam: Crest-Vue Caught LookN

Ch. Subway French Leopard Rouge
Subway Fred of Milford
Subway French Christmas Souvenir
Subway French Faraon
Ch. Subway Fantastik Sky Miracle
Subway Felicita Wich Epocha
Ch. Subway Friday For Little Champs

dob: 20.11.2010  Dam: Crest-Vue's Emerald Isle

Crest-Vue's Finders Keepers
Crest-Vue's Fullfilling A Fantasy
Ch. Crest-Vue's First Class Flirt
Ch. Crest-Vue's Full Of Finesse
Crest-Vue's Five Finger Discount

dob: 02.02.2009  Dam: Crestars Gotcha Pix Zee Dust H

Holliwould Gotcha All Fired Up
Gotcha Holliwould Know it All
Gotcha All Holliwould
Holliwould Gotcha Root of All Evil

dob: 08.11.2008  Dam: Kulana's Center Stage At P-Chi

Ch. P-Chi 'N Kenalary's Viva Las Vegas

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