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2008 - 2016
NJK  Taijan Dreamer Quite Enchanted

Reg. no
: NHSB 2785064
: 21.05.2008
: Black and White
: Hairless
: 29.00cm (11.4") / 4.80kg (10.5#)
Sascha Kobel (Taijan Dreamer, Germany)
N. Kuik / R. Rensen (Lykaios, Netherlands)
  • 23 Months
    Free Stacking
    ©N. Kuik

  • 23 months
    ©N. Kuik

  • CERF Certification 100% Clear!
    ©R. Rensen

  • Certification Patella Luxation, Clear !!
    ©R. Rensen

  • Amy's Youth Champion Certificate!
    ©R. Rensen

  • 22 months
    Some art
    ©N. Kuik

  • ©N. Kuik

  • Our beautiful girl on the Dogshow in Echt, the Netherlands 2009.
    1 Excellent - J-CAC.
    ©I. Callens

  • Getting Excellent on Dogshow in Arnhem, the Netherlands 2009.
    ©R. Rensen

  • 1 year old!
    ©R. Rensen

  • Almost a Year!!
    Having fun on a walk
    ©N. Kuik

  • 11 Months
    On the move!
    ©N. Kuik

  • 11 Months
    ©N. Kuik

  • 7 Months
    Just a sweet picture
    ©N. Kuik

  • 7 Months
    1VP + Best Puppy, Wijchen, the Netherlands 2008.
    ©I. Callens

  • 6 Months
    1VP Puppy Class, Winner, the Netherlands 2008.
    ©I. Callens

  • 5 Months
    Beautiful Face
    ©N. Kuik

  • 5 Months
    ©N. Kuik

  • 10,5 Weeks
    ©R. Rensen

  • 7,5 Weeks
    ©Sascha/I. Callens


1x BOS
7x Excellent
3x J-CAC
2x CAC
2x Res. CAC

1x Best Puppy
3x VP

Siblings (4)


Taijan Dreamer Q-tip
Taijan Dreamer Question Mark.
Taijan Dreamer Quite Enchanted
Taijan Dreamer Queenie

Offspring (5) (Descendents)

dob: 04.05.2011  Sire: Leibwache Bad Boy Lincoln

Lykaios Some Tough Love
Lykaios Catch You Staring
Lykaios Watch And Learn
Lykaios Pursue My Dreams
Lykaios Never Say No

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