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GRAND SLOVAK CHAMPION,SLOVAK CHAMPION, SLOVAK JUNIOR CHAMPION, BOB,3x CAC, 3x CAJC,3x Ex1,Ex2-young class, Ex3,Winner of puppies,VP, VP1, VP2,Chico Camerron Dandy Mate
"Chico, Fchi-Fchi Style"

: 17.04.2008
: black/white
: Hairless
: 33.00cm (12.9") / 5.50kg (12.1#)
Ivana Šubínová (Dandy Mate, Slovak Republic)
Marcel Magur (Diamond of the Night, Slovak Republic)
  • Duodanube Bratislava, Sk ©
    ©Duodanube Bratislava, Sk ©

  • ©best male of 2010 Slovak Republic

  • ©ch

  • ©chico camerron dandy mate

  • ©Avokaduh

  • ©chico camerron dandy mate

  • ©The best foreigner male -2009 of Slovak CCD Club

  • ©Avokaduh

  • BOB, CAJC, Ex1
    ©BOB, CAJC, Ex1

  • Devin 2009

  • ©chico camerron dandy mate

  • ©chicocamerron dany mate

  • ©chico camerron dandy mate

    ©chico camerron dandy mate

    ©chico camerron dandy mate

    ©chico camerron dansy mate

    ©chico camerron dandy mate

  • chico camerron

  • chico camerron

  • ©angel

  • ©chico camerron dandy mate

  • ©Lubomir Homola


PLL-clear by parentage
Prcd-PRA: N/N (clear by parentage)
Patella: 0/0 (normal)

Siblings (10)


Gregorry Dandy Mate
Gizzmo Dandy Mate
Gucci Dandy Mate
Gwynneth Dandy Mate
Gwenn Dandy Mate


Christoppher Dandy Mate
Chullio Dandy Mate
Channdler Dandy Mate
Channtal Dandy Mate
Chico Camerron Dandy Mate

Offspring (11) (Descendents)

dob: 24.10.2015  Dam: Beverly Diamond of the Night

Hatimi Diamond of the Night
Habibi Diamond of the Night
Hailey Diamond of the Night
Halloween Diamond of the Night
Hashib Diamond of the Night
Holly Diamond of the Night

dob: 07.11.2009  Dam: Feng-Shui Hot chocolate

Aslan Diamond of the Night
Adagio Diamond of the Night
Alegra Diamond of the Night
Armani Diamond of the Night

dob: 10.10.2009  Dam: Anicka Ze Zatopene chajdy

BARNEY BEN Healing garden Cajanka

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