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Sun-Hee's Blue Moon Rising

: 04.07.2008
: Blue
: Hairless
Helena Karlsson (Sun-Hee's, Sweden)
Jean T Alexandersson

  • ©Jean T Alexandersson

  • ©Jean T Alexandersson

  • Alexa 20090629
    ©Ann-Charlotte Folin

  • Alexandra
    ©Ann-Charlotte Folin

  • Alexandra
    ©Ann-Charlotte Folin

  • ©sun-hees

Siblings (6)


Sun-Hee's Best Of The Best
Sun-Hee's Black Snake Moan
Sun-Hee's Bang Bang Boogie
Sun-Hee's Be Provocative, AOM
Sun-Hee's Blue Moon Rising
Sun-Hee's Booty Bumping

Offspring (25) (Descendents)

dob: 31.05.2014  Sire: Oblivion Abandon all ships

Ch. Proud Pony Goldwing
Proud Pony G7
Proud Pony Going Into Oblivion
Proud Pony Glitter Wizard
Proud Pony G6
Proud Pony Garden Gnome
Proud Pony Gamma Ray

dob: 30.05.2013  Sire: Proud Pony Turbo Lover

Proud Pony Dreamweaver
Proud Pony Daydream
Proud Pony Dynamo
Proud Pony Dancing Queen

dob: 17.06.2012  Sire: Sea Fire's Yazzo

Ch. Proud Pony Zatellite
Proud Pony Zhogun
Proud Pony Zamurai

dob: 26.06.2011  Sire: Taijan Dreamer Emotion

Proud Pony Vanessa
Proud Pony Valkyria
Proud Pony Valiant
Proud Pony Ventura
Proud Pony Valentine
Proud Pony V1

dob: 17.05.2010  Sire: De La Mahafu's Atomix

Proud Pony U've Got Talent
Proud Pony U've Got That Something
Proud Pony U Are Always On My Mind
Proud Pony U Make It Real
Ch. Proud Pony U Could Be Mine

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