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CZCH  CZCCH  CZVCH  SKCH  Crotia veteran champion, Slovak veteran winner 2017Caili z Teramonu

: 10.08.2008
: Hairless
: 30.00cm (11.8") / 5.50kg (12.1#)
Jitka Krnavková (z Teramnou, Czech Republic)
MVDr. Antalová Zuzana, Trhlík Petr (Akwen, Czech Republic)
  • 3 years

  • 2,5 years

  • NDS Brbo Duocacib 4-5.2012 Exc.3 and Exc.2 res CAC

  • Club show, CAC, Exc.1

  • Club show, CAC

  • ©Trhlik

  • 2,5 years

  • 19.3.2011 Club show CAC (of 11)

  • DUOCACIB Brno, Exc., Exc.4

  • 4.9.2010

  • 4.9.2010

  • 4.9.2010

  • ©Avokaduh

  • WDS 2009

  • WDS SLovakia 09 EXCELLENT

  • ©Z. Antalova

  • ©z.Antalova

  • ©Jitka

  • ©Z.A.

  • ©Z.A.

  • 9 weeks

  • ©maghud

  • Litter C

  • ©maghud

  • ©maghud

  • ©maghud


Slovak Champion
Czech Champion
Czech Chinese Crested Club Champion

Czech Republic: CAC,resCAC, Exc.3
Slovak republic. 3xCAC, Exc.3
Austria: 2xCACA, CACIB,res.CACIB
Czech Republic: 2xCAC, 2x Exc.3, Exc.4,
Slovakia: CAC, 2xExc.3
Austria: Exc.3

Czech Republic: CAC, 3x res.CAC,regional winner
Slovakia: CAC,res.CAC, res.CACIB
Austria: CACA, res.CACA, res.CACIB, Exc.1

Czech Republic: VP1, Exc.1
Slovakia: 2xVP1

Siblings (5)


Caspien z Teramonu
Caledor z Teramonu
Clarietta z Teramonu
Cabiria z Teramonu
Caili z Teramonu

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob: 11.06.2016  Sire: Rocky Pupo-Haichi

Future Star Akwen
Flower Fizz Akwen
Fluffy Princess Akwen
First Choice Akwen
Ch. Fairy Felicity Akwen

dob: 27.05.2014  Sire: Ch. Port-Royal Avokaduh

Caesare Black Akwen
Ch. Cliffhanger Akwen
Cute Little Twinkle Akwen
Canny Girl Akwen
Crazy Punk Akwen
Color Sun Akwen

dob: 15.07.2013  Sire: Volshebnaja Loshadka Elvin

Boogie Dancer Akwen
Ch. Big Brother Akwen
Baby Belle Akwen

dob: 01.06.2011  Sire: Solino's On The Rocks

Ch. Amazing Boy Akwen
Action Jack Akwen
Ch. Amber Beauty Akwen
Ch. Adventurous Spirit Akwen
Ch. Angel Wings Akwen
Ace Heart Akwen

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