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Crestyle How to Look Good Naked

: 28.08.2008
: slate cream white markings
: Hairless
: 33.02cm (13")
Jo Cayer (Crestyle, Canada)
Owner unknown.

  • ©Smedbys

  • Jan 2014

  • Jan 2014

  • 3-6-09

  • 3-6-09

  • 3-6-09

  • 4 months

  • ©crestyle

  • 13 weeks

  • 7 weeks old

  • 7 weeks

  • 6 weeks old

  • ©Crestyle

Siblings (6)


Crestyle Born To Do It PP
Crestyle How to Look Good Naked
Crestyle What's To Talk About PP
Crestyle Leap Of Faith PP
Crestyle Hottest Advocate Hl
Crestyle Can't Touch This HL

Offspring (20) (Descendents)

dob: 12.08.2016  Sire: Whispering Lane Best That U Can Do

Smedbys Echoes Of Love
Smedbys Easy Question

dob: 13.07.2015  Sire: Whispering Lane Best That U Can Do

Smedbys Do Not Disturb
Smedbys Do You Know Who I Am
Smedbys Devil In Disguise
Smedbys Doin The Best I Can
Ch. Smedbys Double Trouble

dob: 21.05.2014  Sire: Whispering Lane Blame it on the Alcohol

Smedbys A Whistling Tune
Smedbys A Thing Called Love
Smedbys Always On My Mind
Smedbys All Of Me

dob: 18.10.2013  Sire: Taja Black thorn Candy Corn


dob: 07.08.2010  Sire: Gracieux Extreme Behavior At Explicit N' Crestyle

Explicit's Here I Stand 4-Reil
Explicit's Raise Your Glass
Ch. Explicit's What Not To Wear
Ch. Explicit Time Of My Life At Cabaret
Ch. Explicit Caught In The Act 4R Shomar
Explicits How Many Licks Does It Take

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