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LVJW-10 VILNIUSJW-10 NORDJW-09Zorrazo North Pole

: 02.10.2008
: Spotted
: Hairless
Marika Fredrikson (Zorrazo, Finland)
Päivi Uurtola-Kahri & Katariina Kahri (Aquacrest, Finland)
  • Guy at CC Speciality
    ©Ronja Sarasvuo

  • At Helsinki International 05/2010
    ©Katja Laurila

  • At Helsinki International 23rd May 2010. Handled by Noora Haapanen
    ©Katja Laurila

  • BOB at Heinola 2009
    ©Kata Kahri

  • Hyvinkää 05.07.2009
    ©J. Ellonen

  • 8½ months old
    ©Kata Kahri

  • 6 months

  • 4 months old
    ©Kata Kahri

  • 8 weeks
    ©Kata Kahri

  • 7 weeks
    ©Kata Kahri

  • 5 weeks
    ©Soile Perhovaara

  • 5 weeks
    ©Soile Perhovaara

  • Almost 4 weeks
    ©Nelli Karhu

  • 3 weeks old
    ©Niko Karhu

  • ©Niko Karhu


4 x BOB (Finland, Lithuania)
1 x CACIB (Finland)
6 x CAC (Finland, Lithuania)
3 x BOB-JUN (Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia)
3 x JUN-CAC (Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia)
4 x RES-CAC (Finland)
1 x BOB-PUPPY (Finland)

He also won his own class at World Winner Dogshow 2010!

Siblings (4)


Zorrazo North Pole
Zorrazo Nightcap
Zorrazo Night and Day
Zorrazo Naughty Angel

Offspring (12) (Descendents)

dob: 09.10.2010  Dam: Zorrazo Lost Eden

Aquacrest I Live For The Fame
Aquacrest And Dirty Rich
Aquacrest Again - Oh No
Aquacrest Honey I Got No Money
Aquacrest Ma-Ma-Ma-Maa
Aquacrest Min Syster Lejonhjärta

dob: 31.12.2009  Dam: Sun Dan Puzzle

Aquacrest I'll Sue You
Aquacrest Order In Court
Aquacrest Justice For Me
Aquacrest Don't Judge Me
Aquacrest See U In Court
Aquacrest I'm Not Quilty

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