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Zorrazo Nightcap

: 02.10.2008
: Black - white
: Hairless
Marika Fredrikson (Zorrazo, Finland)
Riina Jokimies
  • Best Agility Chinese Crested in Finland 2013
    ©Jukka Pätynen

  • Onni
    ©©Riina Jokimies

  • Onni 3 years old.
    ©©Riina Jokimies

  • Onni 3,5 years old
    ©©Riina Jokimies

  • 4 months
    ©Riina Takanen

  • 5 weeks
    ©Soile Perhovaara

  • 5 weeks
    ©Soile Perhovaara

  • Almost 4 weeks
    ©Nelli Karhu

  • 3 weeks old
    ©Niko Karhu

  • ©Niko Karhu


Agility: kilpailee mini 2-luokassa.
Agility: compete in mini 2-class.

Best Agility Chinese crested in Finland 2013 class 3.

Siblings (4)


Zorrazo North Pole
Zorrazo Nightcap
Zorrazo Night and Day
Zorrazo Naughty Angel

Offspring (3) (Descendents)

dob: 01.06.2012  Dam: Windy Willow's Arctic Soul

Windy Willow's Capricornus
Windy Willow's Camelopardalis
Windy Willow's Canes Venatici

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