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Vicary Remington Steel

: 22.05.2006
: slate
: Hairless
: 31.11cm (12.2")
Rosemary Letonoff (Vicary, United States)
Dana Gassman
  • ©April

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Siblings (3)


Vicary Zephyr
Vicary Remington Steel

No birth date recorded

Vicary Shimmering Blue Satin

Offspring (10) (Descendents)

dob:   Dam: Krishna's India Of Marijo's

Spiritual Living Doll

dob: 03.05.2012  Dam: Serenity's Mona Lisa

Serenity's Da Butler Did It @ Foupaws

dob: 10.06.2010  Dam: Spiritual Mosaic Dreams

Mosaic-Spiritual Tiny Dreamer
Mosaic's Keep on Dreaming

dob: 16.05.2010  Dam: Spiritual Kist by the Zephyr

Mosaic's Haunted Kisses
Spiritual I'll Be Haunting You
Mosaic's Haunted By Your Charm
Spiritual-Mosaic Haunting Beauty

dob: 05.11.2009  Dam: Krishna's India Of Marijo's

Ch. Spiritual-Mosaic Live Wire

dob: 03.12.2008  Dam: Krishna's India Of Marijo's

Spiritual Living It Up

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