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RUSCH  RUSJCH  LoveMagic Glam Shine

: 26.12.2008
: Hairless
Lyubov Shylgina (LoveMagic, Russian Federation)
Belozerova T (Belozerova T, Russian Federation)
  • 1 year 4 months
    ©Chichel Marina

  • 11 weeks

  • 7 weeks

Siblings (8)


LoveMagic Glenlivet
LoveMagic Gilded Knight
LoveMagic Glow-Worm
LoveMagic Glam Shine
LoveMagic Good As Gold


LoveMagic Delight
LoveMagic Dupont Wite
LoveMagic Dynamic Drive

Offspring (8) (Descendents)

dob:   Sire: Zholesk Velvet Dream

Bella Constanta Chainaya Roza

dob: 05.09.2012  Sire: Zheneva-Debjut Goelle

Bella Konstanta Krasotka for LoveMagic
Bella Konstanta Kardinal
Bella Konstanta Kyanti
Bella Konstanta Kazanova

dob: 25.10.2010  Sire: Zholesk Velvet Dream

Bella Konstanta Robin Good
Bella Konstanta Romantika Dogland
Bella Konstanta Roneta Gold

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