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GBCH  EECH  FINCH  Bryelis Running Bare JW SHCM

: 21.03.2007
: Hairless
Mr. B & Mrs. E. Moyes (Bryelis, England)
Mr. B & Mrs. E. Moyes (Bryelis, England)
  • ©Petsku

  • Leo at Crufts 2011
    ©Marianne Virta / Joyway's Cresteds

  • ©Petsku

  • ©t. delaney

Siblings (3)


Bryelis Hurit Mahal
Bryelis Running Bare JW SHCM

No birth date recorded

Bryelis Wind In Her Hair

Offspring (25) (Descendents)

dob: 06.09.2014  Dam: Bryelis Queen Guinevere

Bryelis Kinky Boots

dob: 13.12.2013  Dam: Shulune Pillow Talk With Clanest

Clanest lady in red

dob: 13.06.2013  Dam: Joyway's Send Me An Angel to Bryelis JW

Bryelis In The Line Of Fire
Bryelis The Naked Truth
Bryelis If Looks Could Kill
Bryelis Shout At The Devil
Bryelis The Bear Facts

dob: 10.01.2013  Dam: Bryelis Celestial Angel von Queshian

Queshian Bare Necessities
Queshian Norty Naked Angel at Elffalons

dob: 09.06.2012  Dam: Kelsions Feel N Fruity

kelsions lord of illusion

dob: 10.01.2012  Dam: Bryelis Celestial Angel von Queshian

Queshian Norty Naked Angel at Elfallons

dob: 03.11.2011  Dam: Joyway's Here Comes The Sun

Joyway's Touch The Sky
Ch. Joyway's Son Of The Sun
Ch. Joyway's Sky's The Limit

dob: 12.08.2011  Dam: Arte Figure Copacabana

Ch. Arte Figure Fairy Queen
Ch. Arte Figure Flame Dame
Arte Figure Fruit Fly
Arte Figure Fag Hag
Arte Figure Fruit Loop

dob: 09.06.2009  Dam: Paraiba Frothy Coffee

Bryelis Lets Go Comanche At Nisyros shcm
Bryelis Ring 0' Star Jw Shcm

dob: 04.10.2008  Dam: Moonswift Perfect Pearl for Nisyros

Nisyros Warpaint at Lacdee
Nisyros What's Occurring for Khandro
Nisyros Oh Boy by Lacdee
Nisyros Wild and Wacky

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