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CSCH  6 x CAC 2 x R.CAC ,CACIB, 3 x BOBShowmann z Jasne hvezdy
"Zorro "

: 28.02.2009
: tricolor
: Hairless
: 34.00cm (13.3")
Byrtusova Michaela (z Jasne Hvezdy, Czech Republic)
Ines Kelle (Ring rider , Croatia)
Sanja Vukovic
  • 4 years old

  • ©Ring rider

  • ©Ring rider

  • ©Ring rider

  • ©Ring rider

  • :)
    ©Ring rider

  • ©Ring rider

  • My king

  • ©Ring rider

  • ©Bea

  • ©Ring rider

  • Szerbian CH

  • 2010.05.29 MEOE Karcag CAC:Ex.2,R.CAC

  • 16 weeks old

  • Showmann 10 weeks
    ©z Jasne hvezdy

  • Showmann 8 weeks
    ©z Jasne hvezdy

  • Showmann 8 weeks
    ©z Jasne hvezdy

  • Showmann 8 weeks
    ©z Jasne hvezdy

  • Showmann 5 weeks
    ©z jasne hvezdy

  • 3 weeks
    ©z Jasne hvezdy


2010.05.16. MEOE Hódmezovásárhely CAC
Ex. I. CAC
2010.05.29 MEOE Karcag CAC:Ex.2,R.CAC
2010.06.13 MEOE Pecs CACIB Ex II.R.CAC
2010.07.24. MEOE Debrecen Ex1. CAC
2010.08.28.Zrenjanin CACIB Ex.1 CAC, CACIB BOB
2010.08.29. Stapar CAC Ex.1.CAC.
Finish Szerb champion!
2010.10.31. Budapest Tenyésszemle:Breeding,Tenyésztheto
2013.04.14.Dakovo (Croatia)
Special Group IX.Show
Open classe
Exelent I. CAC BOB
Cac Slavonski Brod 04.05.2013
Excelent I.CAC BOB
Breeding review Croatia 05.10.2013

Pll and Pra clear

Siblings (6)


Scoobie z Jasne hvezdy
Sally z Jasne hvezdy
Snoopy z Jasne hvezdy
Ch.Pl. Speedy z Jasne hvezdy
Showmann z Jasne hvezdy
Sandra z Jasne hvezdy

Offspring (47) (Descendents)

dob: 05.02.2015  Dam: Adele

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Ring rider Blackberry Bond
Ring rider Bliss-bee Bugzy
Ring rider baby Dooks
Ring rider Bugatti Veyron
Ring rider Bvlgari gold
Ring rider Bruno Banani

dob: 20.11.2014  Dam: Alpine Apple

Markovicdog Astra Blue Paradise Soul
Markovicdog Astra Blue Pumkin

dob: 16.06.2014  Dam: Merricky Gucci White Angel

Ring rider Anunnaki black Prince
Ring rider Anubis dark horse
Ring rider Absolute Star Penny

dob: 09.01.2014  Dam: Fehérlófia Sziporka

Ring rider Zero limit
Ring rider Zebra go wild
Ring rider Zander golden Lion
Ring rider Zia my Ladybug
Ring rider Zack Zombie
Ring rider Ziggy Stardust

dob: 04.12.2013  Dam: Merricky Gucci White Angel

Ring rider Wings of Phoenix
Ring rider Wrecking ball
Ring rider Winning ticket

dob: 24.09.2013  Dam: Ayo Ayo

Cocaine Atomski Mrav
Cindy Crawford Atomski Mrav
Carolyn Murphy Atomski Mrav
Carla Bruni Atomski Mrav
Cannabis Atomski Mrav
Chuk Norris Atomski Mrav
Chanel Iman Atomski Mrav
Christy Turlington Atomski Mrav

dob: 16.05.2013  Dam: Adele

Ring rider Urban legend
Ring rider Unique Diamond
Ring rider Under my skin
Ring rider Ultimate beauty

dob: 21.11.2012  Dam: Choco-bit Fauna

Ch. So-soft Akira
So-soft Ariel
Ch. So-soft Amanda
So-soft Anakin
So-soft Arzén

dob: 31.07.2012  Dam: Arabea Angels Hermione

Ch. Arabea Angels Evita

dob: 25.07.2011  Dam: Tarjánfalvi red devil Alisa

Arabea Angels Albus
Arabea Angels Amos
Arabea Angels Alastor

dob: 17.07.2011  Dam: Georgia Moon O'vamos

Ch. Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics N'Achilles
Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics N'Apollo
Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics N' Amarilla
Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics N'Aphrodite
Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics N'Aida

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