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RUSCH  RUSJCH  CHRKF Club Champion RUSGrandChampionOlegro Katrin Shadow On Sand

: 2009-02-25
: bronze&white
: Hairless
: 30.00cm (11.8")
Ekaterina Tomina (Olegro Katrin, Russian Federation)
Varcheva T. (Zheneva-Debjut, Russian Federation)

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  • legro Katrin Shadow On Sand

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Siblings (4)


Olegro Katrin S
Olegro Katrin Snow Queen In LoveMagic
Olegro Katrin Smail For Mimi Dog Doll
Olegro Katrin Shadow On Sand

Offspring (71) (Descendents)

dob: 2017-11-25  Dam: Zheneva-Debjut Iris

Zheneva-Debjut Besame Mucho

dob: 2017-11-17  Dam: Zheneva-Debjut Matrioshka

Zheneva-Debjut Discovery
Zheneva-Debjut Direct Hit
Zhenevaa-Debjut Dans of Romans

dob: 2017-06-20  Dam: Zheneva-Debjut Amarilis

Zheneva-Debjut FAVORIT
Zheneva-Debjut FANTA
Zheneva-Debjut FORD

dob: 2017-05-30  Dam: Zheneva-Debjut Carte Blanche

Zheneva-Debjut Prima
Zheneva-Debjut Patriot

dob: 2016-11-05  Dam: Zheneva-Debjut Iris

Zheneva-Debjut Nils
Zheneva-Debjut Nezhen

dob: 2016-10-26  Dam: Olegro Katrin Leading Lady Dogland

Dogland Happy Snoopy Fun
Dogland Happy Special One
Dogland Happy Sensation
Dogland Happy Secret

dob: 2016-02-28  Dam: Envy White Only You

Envy White Mister Twister
Envy White My Masterpiece
Ch. Envy White Master of the Universe

dob: 2016-02-05  Dam: Zheneva-Debjut Gvineya

Zheneva-Debjut Zavanna

dob: 2014-12-10  Dam: Zheneva-Debjut Meri Poppins

Zheneva-Debjut Normandiya
Zheneva-Debjut Neman

dob: 2014-11-02  Dam: Zheneva-Debjut Iris

Zheneva-Debjut Las-Vegas
Zheneva-Debjut Lavanda

dob: 2014-10-20  Dam: Olegro Katrin Carte Blanche

Zheneva-Debjut Krosha
Zheneva-Debjut Kensy
Zheneva-Debjut Karat
Zheneva-Debjut Keniya
Zheneva-Debjut Keya

dob: 2013-02-05  Dam: Zheneva-Debjut Meri Poppins

Zheneva-Debjut Oniks
Zheneva-Debjut Oh, yzh Eta Nastia
Zheneva-Debjut Olivia
Zheneva-Debjut Obsession

dob: 2012-02-04  Dam: Viktory Sprint Samanta Toy

Ch. Shalun'ya Nancy
Shon Penn

dob: 2011-08-10  Dam: Udacha dla Zheneva-Debjut

Zneneva-Debjut Eliza
Zheneva-Debjut Elegant Beauti
Zheneva-Debjut Ekler
Zheneva-Debjut Elvis

dob: 2011-08-09  Dam: Ingrus Solnechnoe Sokrovische

Gollend Obri Dabi
GOLLEND Oliverio Galeron

dob: 2010-12-30  Dam: Udacha dla Zheneva-Debjut

Zheneva-Debjut Todes
Zheneva-Debjut Tifani
Zheneva-Debjut Tropikana Jazz

dob: 2010-12-21  Dam: Zheneva-Debjut Donna Rosa Salvadores

Zheneva-Debjut Stivve
Zheneva-Debjut Sundi
Zheneva-Debjut Spartak
Zheneva-Debjut Sindi
Zheneva-Debjut Sandi

dob: 2010-12-03  Dam: Zheneva-Debjut Persik

Zheneva-Debjut Rafael'
Ch. Zheneva-Debjut Romantika
Zheneva-Debjut Ryfina
Zheneva-Debjut Rahat-Lykym
Zheneva-Debjut Rada Rassvet Yuzhnogo Berega

dob: 2010-11-17  Dam: Zheneva-Debjut Zviozdnaia Roskosh

Zheneva-Debjut Malinka
Zheneva-Debjut Melisenta
Zheneva Debjut Martin

dob: 2010-05-14  Dam: Olegro Katrin Olivia

Ch. Olegro Katrin Verona
Olegro Katrin Vandersar
Olegro Katrin Vankouver
Olegro Katrin Vindzor Silver Tauer
Olegro Katrin Vilyareal
Ch. Olegro Katrin Valencia
Olegro Katrin Versal

dob: 2010-05-10  Dam: Angel O' Check Uma Turman

Angel O' Check Hrizantema.
Angel O' Check Hatori Hanzo
Ch. Angel O' Check Halif Premier Mari.

dob: 2010-03-19  Dam: Kristal Yaniry Tzin Tziyan

Kristal Yaniry Navarra
Kristal Yaniry Nelson
Kristal Yaniry Nikita
Ch. Kristal Yaniry Nero

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