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NJK  Müslis Bridge

: 09.12.2009
: Trefärgad
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5")
Annica Hellman (Müslis, Sweden)
Pegorer (Lapinus, Brazil)
Ingrid Stolzenbach
  • mister macho ?
    october 9th 2010

  • Jerry 27-05-2011

  • Jerry at the Winnershow in Amsterdam, november 27th 2010

  • Jerry on his first show, september 19th 2010
    result: ex.3

  • Jerry, august 21st 2010

  • Jerry, august 21st 2010

  • Jerry, august 21st 2010

  • ©A. Hellman

  • ©A.Hellman

  • ©A.Hellman

  • ©My Hellman

  • ©A.Hellman

  • ©A.Hellman

Siblings (14)


Müslis Svarte Petter
Müslis Whist
Müslis Canasta
Müslis Tarot
Müslis Gin Rummy
Müslis Bismarck
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Müslis Bridge


Speechless The Winner Takes It All
Speechless Waterloo
Speechless Dancing Queen
Speechless The Name Of The Game
Speechless Sitting In The Palmtree
Speechless Watch Out

Offspring (11) (Descendents)

dob: 06.05.2012  Dam: Happy Dancing Killing Kisses

Happy Dancing Quarry Quest
Happy Dancing Quality Queen
Happy Dancing Queen Querida
Happy Dancing Quick Quickstep
Happy Dancing Quiz Question
Happy Dancing Quaestor Quatre

dob: 10.02.2011  Dam: Talk About Me of Roxy's Pride

Lay Your Love On Me of Roxy's Pride
Mamma Mia of Roxy's Pride
I Have A Dream of Roxy's Pride
Take A Chance On Me of Roxy's Pride
Ch. The Name Of The Game of Roxy's Pride

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