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2010 - 2015
Zolotaya Fortuna Black of Channel

: 21.01.2010
: Hairless
: 32.00cm (12.5") / 4.00kg (8.81#)
Skubko E. (Black of Channel, Ukraine)
Agafonova P. (Agafonova P., Russian Federation)
Irina Agafonova (Irvina Vita, Russian Federation)

  • ©V.Didenko

  • PRA-clear

  • PLL-clear

  • 9 months

  • ©V.Didenko

  • ©V.Didenko

  • 8 months

  • 7 months

  • ©V.Didenko

  • 6,5 months

  • ©V.Didenko

  • 5 months

  • ©V.Didenko

  • ©V.Didenko

  • ©V.Didenko

  • ©V.Didenko

  • ©Skubko E.

Siblings (5)


Zagadka Fantasy Black of Channel
Zabavka Family Black of Channel
Zolotoy Orfey Black of Channel
Zephyr in Chocolate Black of Channel
Zolotaya Fortuna Black of Channel

Offspring (16) (Descendents)

dob: 19.09.2014  Sire: Dogland Happy Brit

Irvina Vita Aikanar Ambarato
Irvina Vita Arwen Undomiel
Irvina Vita Aredhel Ar-Feiniel
Irvina Vita Aragorn Kingly Valour

dob: 26.08.2013  Sire: Milisenta Batler

Ch. Obi-Wan Kenobi
Orange In Chocolate
Ornella Latte Macchiato
Odile Soie Noir
Original Baked Brownie
Orlando Brown Fantasy
Only You My Dream Chocolatier

dob: 04.07.2011  Sire: Rus Foreva Brilliant dlya Olgi

Rus Foreva Arm Candy
Rus Foreva Amazing Coffee Bean
Rus Foreva Amor Adamar
Rus Foreva Almond Pie
Rus Foreva Al Capone

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