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BLRCH  INTCH(FCI)  RUSCH  RUSJCH  RKFCH  UKRCH  UKRJCH, UKRJGrandCH, Junior Russian National Breed Club Champion, Russian National Breed Club Champion, BLRGrandCH, UKRJGrandCH, Ch OANKOO, RUSGrandCH, 4xBOB-puppy, BIS puppy-3, BIS puppy-4, 2xBIS puppy, 6xBOBJ, 5xBOB, 2xBIG-4, 2xBISJ, BOB hairless, BIG, BIS, 4xCACIBOlegro Katrin Roxolana

: 11.04.2010
: bronze
: Hairless
: 31.00cm (12.2") / 4.00kg (8.81#)
Ekaterina Tomina (Olegro Katrin, Russian Federation)
Gladkovskaya Svetlana ("Rolana Family", Russian Federation)
Krylova Svetlana (Russian Federation)
  • ©Radomanova Svetlana

  • ©Radomanova Svetlana

  • ©Radomanova Svetlana

  • ©Anna Vladimirova

  • ©

  • ©

  • ©Inga Paravyan

  • 28.08.2011 Ch RKF, BOB, BIG ©Krylova Svetlana

  • Junior Champion Russia!!!!!

  • 2,5 month
    ©Krylova Svetlana

  • 1 month
    ©Krylova Svetlana

  • 25 days
    ©Gladkovskaya Svetlana

  • 25 days
    ©Gladkovskaya Svetlana

  • 7 days
    ©Gladkovskaya Svetlana

  • 7 days
    ©Gladkovskaya Svetlana


prcd-PRA - PCR genotype N/N (clear)
Primary Lense Luxation (PLL) - PCR Genotype: N/N

4xBOB-puppy, BIS puppy-4, 2xBIS puppy
28.11.10 Moscow - BOB puppy BIS puppy-3
12.02.11 Moscow - exellent-1, JCAC, BOBJ (Prozorov D.A.)
13.02.11 Moscow - exellent-1, JCAC, BOBJ BISJ-3 (Vretenicic Miodrag)
23.02.11 Moscow - exellent-1, JCAC, BOBJ, BOB, BIG-4 (Jana Gavrilava)
07.03.11 Moscow - exellent-1, JCAC (Patrina)
23.03.11 Moscow Eurazia - exellent
10.04.11 Kropotkin - exellent-1, JCAC, BOBJ, BOB
24.04.11 Moscow, mono - exellent-1, CW, JKChC, BOBJ, BISJ (Karmazina E.V.)
09.05.11 Moscow, mono - exellent-1, CW, JKChC, BOBJ, BISJ, BOB hairless, BIS!!! (Baklushin)
22.05.11 Moscow, mono - exellent-1, CW, JKChC (Prozorov)
29.05.11 Moscow, mono ChK - exellent (Patrina)
02.07.11 Poltava (Ukraina) CACIB-FCI - exellent-1, CW, JCAC, JBOB, Junior Champion Ukraina(Zaza Omarov (Gorgia)
03.07.11 Poltava (Ukraina) CACIB-FCI - exellent-1, CW, JCAC, Junior Grand Champion Ukraina(Georgi Eftimov (Bulgaria)
17.07.2011 Moscow Mono PC - exellent-1, CW, KChC (Viktor Shiyan)
17.07.2011 Moscow Mono KChC - exellent-1, CW, CC, (Tatyana Shiyan)
28.08.2011 - Russia Sergiev Posad - exellent-1, CW, CAC, BOS, Ch OANKOO, Ch RKF, BOB, BIG (Ovsyannikova July /Russia)
16.10.2011 - Russia Sergiev Posad - exellent-1, CW, KChC, BOS, Russian National Breed Club Champion (Azen I.)
16.10.2011 - Russia Sergiev Posad - exellent-1, CW, CAC, BOS, ChRUS, GrandChRUS (Khomasuridze/Russia)
26.11.2011 Minsk (Belorusia)CACIB-FCI BELARUS-2011 - exc. 1, CAC, BOS, CACIB, Champion Belorusia (KROL PIOTR (Poland)
27.11.2011 Minsk (Belorusia) CACIB-FCI - exc. 1, CAC, BLRGrandCH (SALIJEVIC ZORICA (Sweden)
24.03.2012 Moscow Eurazia - exellent-2, RCAC (G. Jipping)
25.03.2012 Moscow Eurazia - exellent-3 (TATJANA UREK ( SLOVENIA)
15.04.2012 All-Russian exhibition "Millenium" - exc. 1, CW, CAC, BOB, BIG-IV (judge Filatova)
7.07.12 Poltava (Ukraine) Johan Juslin (FIN)- ex-1, CW, CAC, CACIB, ChUKR
8.07.12 Poltava (Ukraine)- ex-1, CW, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Grand Champion Ukraine /Fernando Madeira Rodrigues(Portugal)
15.06.13 Cmolensk (Russia)- ex-1, CW, CAC, CACIB Denis Kuzelj

Siblings (4)


Olegro Katrin Roxana
Olegro Katrin Rolana
Olegro Katrin Rammstein
Olegro Katrin Roxolana

Offspring (9) (Descendents)

dob: 14.01.2015  Sire: Olegro Katrin Reykjavik

Olegro Katrin Rudy
Olegro Katrin Romantic Boy
Olegro Katrin Richard
Olegro Katrin Rarity

dob: 11.03.2013  Sire: Olegro Katrin Douphin

Envy White Original Mix
Envy White Organica
Ch. Envy White Orange Sun
Envy White Oceanic Glow
Ch. Envy White Only You

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