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Fantastik Kashmir Hippi

: 05.05.2010
: white-bronze
: Hairless
Irina Scherbakova (Fantastik Kashmir, Russian Federation)
Ivacheva I (Worldshow, Russian Federation)
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Siblings (3)


Fantastik Kashmir Hippi
Fantastik Kashmir Habina Helly May
Fantastik Kashmir Harri May

Offspring (8) (Descendents)

dob: 16.06.2011  Dam: Zvezdnoe Shou Irlandija Zhemchuzhnaja

World Show Bleak Star Ledi
World Show Brilliantovaya Ledi
World Show Brendi Snap
World Show Begushhij po Volne
World Show Bel* Fanto Kapriz
World Show Beatris Hrustal*nyj Bljuz
World Show Belaya Gora

dob: 10.06.2011  Sire: Sharol Shi Best in Fishka

Sharol Shi Nacumi Mao'li

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