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EECH  FINCH  Hecaron Cixi Eyecatcher

: 05.09.2010
: Hairless
Heidi Roiha-Laakso (Hecaron, Finland)
Heidi Roiha-Laakso (Hecaron, Finland)
Kirsi Kuparinen
  • ©Kati Teelmäki

  • Tuusula Summer Show BOS and CAC 29.6.2013

  • ©Kati Teelmäki

  • ©Royalette`s

  • ©Royalette`s

  • ©Royalette`s

  • ©Kati Teelmäki

  • ©Royalette`s

  • ©Royalette`s

  • ©Royalette`s

  • ©Jenni Luttinen

  • ©.....

Siblings (5)


Hecaron Cixi Eddy Snaproller
Hecaron Cixi Editors Chief
Hecaron Cixi Explosive Love
Hecaron Cixi Excellent Ego
Hecaron Cixi Eyecatcher

Offspring (22) (Descendents)

dob: 30.09.2013  Dam: Kaitlin Bom Chicka Wah Wah

Hecaron Quickest Maverick
Hecaron Quick-witted
Hecaron Quickbounty
Hecaron Quickie
Hecaron Quicksilver
Hecaron Quickstep

dob: 23.05.2013  Dam: Almost An Angel

Kaitlin Esperanza
Kaitlin Enchanted
Kaitlin Ermanno
Kaitlin Eklavya
Kaitlin Elektra

dob: 06.02.2013  Dam: Ennastiinan Barbie

Kaitlin Dark 'n Fluffy
Kaitlin Dirty Gecko
Kaitlin Dragon Berry
Kaitlin Daniels Jack
Kaitlin Devil's Poison
Kaitlin Dragonfly

dob: 04.04.2012  Dam: Zorrazo Screaming Lizard

Zorrazo Unwilling To Please
Zorrazo Under My Skin
Zorrazo Under False Colors
Zorrazo Urban Cowboy
Zorrazo Ungodly Beautiful

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