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Bi-lav Plus Shahirizada (Shanechka)

: 17.11.2010
: black & white
: Hairless
: 30.00cm (11.8")
Liudmila Lavrova (Bi-Lav Plus, Moldova)
Bondarenko A.S. (ANDA FRELSIS, Ukraine)

  • ©AndaFrelsis

  • ©anda frelsis

  • ©Bondarenko A.S.

  • ©Bondarenko A.S.

  • ©ll

  • PRA Clear

  • PLL Clear

  • ©ll

  • 4

  • ©l

  • ©l

  • 2 m

  • 20 ????
    ©Liudmila Lavrova

  • 20 ????
    ©Liudmila Lavrova

  • ©Liudmila Lavrova

Siblings (11)


Bi-lav Plus Someone Special
Bi-lav Plus Spartak Irgen Gold


Bi-lav Plus Charovnitsa v Nochi
Bi Lav Plus Copyright For Pascale
Bi-lav Plus Chinese Dream For Christine


Bi-lav Plus Shahinia
Bi-lav Plus Shamahanskaya Tsaritsa
Bi-lav Plus Shahirizada (Shanechka)


Bi-lav Plus Zephirine Drouhin Gollend
Bi-lav Plus Ziva
Jgd. Ch. Bi-lav Plus Zavier

Offspring (16) (Descendents)

dob: 05.10.2016  Sire: Milisenta Marvin Bi-Lav Plus

Anda Frelsis Grillage in Cappuccino
Anda Frelsis Germiona

dob: 17.04.2016  Sire: Altair Luxurious Favorite

Anda Frelsis Fantasy
Anda Frelsis Flavor Chocolate
Anda Frelsis Feeling of Beauty
Anda Frelsis Fatale
Anda Frelsis Festival

dob: 02.03.2015  Sire: Altair Luxurious Favorite

Bi-lav Plus Thellurium
Bi-lav Plus Terbium
Bi-lav Plus Thorium

dob: 01.08.2013  Sire: Gollend Kinsey Solnechnij Ujanin

Bi-Lav Plus Lunnaya Sonata
Bi-Lav Plus Lancelot

dob: 01.05.2012  Sire: Kranar Bear All Before One

Bi-Lav Plus Unikum Zodellin Chan-Royce
Bi-lav Plus Ultramarin
Bi-lav Plus Uslada
Bi-lav Plus Unikalnaya Kroshka

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