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BRACH  Olivera's There's An App For That HL

Reg. no
: TR975189-06
: 02.05.2010
: Spotted
: Hairless
: 29.21cm (11.5")
Luiz Oliveira (Olivera Cresteds, United States)
Pegorer (Lapinus, Brazil)
  • Mac

  • ©Edmilson Reis

  • Mac

  • ©Paloma

  • Mac

  • ©Luiz Oliveira

  • ©Luiz Oliveira

  • ©Luiz Oliveira


Several group placements


Siblings (3)


Olivera's Last Son Of Krypton HL
Olivera's There's An App For That HL
Olivera's Dress You Up In My Love

Offspring (31) (Descendents)

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dob: 28.09.2014  Dam: Lapinus American Roulette

Lapinus clair de la lune
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dob: 09.07.2014  Dam: BR Extasy Snow Ball

Eashik's 'n Lapinus Fred
Eashik 'N Lapinus Luna

dob: 15.04.2014  Dam:

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dob: 27.09.2011  Dam: Chasse Chun-li

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dob: 18.09.2011  Dam: Smell of Success of Roxy's Pride

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Ch. Lapinus Gypsy Heart
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dob: 05.08.2011  Dam: Lapinus Queen of Diamonds

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dob: 25.07.2011  Dam: Lapinus Las Vegas

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Lapinus Safari
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Lapinus Jumpin' Johnny Flash

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