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60 Dogs edited on 12.12.2018

Muso Grazioso Dante Charming Lover


Muso Grazioso Dustin Allmighty


Muso Grazioso Hopes and Dreams


Habanero's Crest Hairless Queen At Shinbashi


Habanero's Crest For Shinbashi Heaven's Door


Avacado Von Chen-Yu


Cute Odrey Furswood


Charuyuschiy Soblazn Davy prince of my heart


Charuyuschiy Soblazn Enn Honey Gold


EJM Let The Bodies Hit The Floor


Feeriya Magic Kraft


Feeriya Magic Crystal


Kaylens Pammar Don t Stop The Music


Feeriya Magic Ksanti


Feeriya Magic Cassie


Charuyuschiy Soblazn Dear minx my


Feeriya Magic Karolina


Feeriya Magic Casper


Be My Dog's Stradivari


Maybell's Last Man Standing


Vanitonia A La Carte


Proud Pony Going Into Oblivion


Sofiris Show Zealous Kiss


Ares Empathie


Sun-Hee's Blue Moon Rising


Baxi For Feeriya


Dominikana Artagasamazis


Blancmange Only Salsa


Endless Kiss Gilana


Endless Kiss Trinity swift Viktory


Endless Kiss Gerakl


Poarott Isabella At Oolagha (Imp Svk)


Charuyuschiy Soblazn Dayanika


Wolter Exotic World Fci


Yahara Omaha Dlya Liris


Yadel'-vi-grand Dlya Liris


Yarmarka Dlya Liris


Yan-step -yang Dlya Liris


Ya , Benefis Dlya Liris


Aira Katarina Santi


Sirocco The Carolina Reaper


Charuyuschiy Soblazn Dance of freedom


Sirocco A Raging Inferno


Sirocco Heat On The Street


Sirocco Like A Million Scoville


Sirocco Nine Circles Of Hell


Sirocco The Spicy Gossip


Sirocco All Fired Up


Moelmo?s You And Me Until Eternity


Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Indigó


Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Columbia


Kranar Le Petit Prince


Windy Forest's Pale as Iridium


Windy Forest's Hard As Volfram


Windy Forest's Warm as Copper


Windy Forest's Bright as Platinum


Ridgecrest's Princess Ruthless


Ch. Dakota Rose Surprise Black Star


Colliwood?s I?m your Prince Charming


Wizbang's Hit the Road Jack

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