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61 Dogs edited on 13.06.2018

Artic Flyer's UPS I'm not Naked


Bisou Petit Insolite Familier


Blanche Intelligent Insolite Familier


Solino's Mademoiselle Máxima


Forseti's Gotta Love Me


Solino's O' Ton


Apriori Vip Never Say Never Soltanto


Muso Grazioso Dante Charming Lover


Absolutely mine Ayleen vom Elfental


Yvanhou Kalis z Treste


Jamming's De Koninck


Jamming's Extravagant


Jamming's Elektra


Jamming's Clint Eastwood


Gardine Echos of Eternity


Country's Girl on Fire


Country's I'm Just A Gigolo


Tinted's Twilight Princess


Tinted's Ocarina Of Time


Tinted's A link Between Worlds


Tinted's Breath Of The Wild


Tinted's Phantom Hourglass


Mirbon's Hilka


Mirbon's Divia Daniela


Mirbon's Carrot Cake


Bionity Balaenoptera Borealis


Natalis Star O...


Key to heart Heybett Jemalle


Ivy League Juna Dogs FCI


Krysolit Joy Rider


Krysolit Joy of Life


Sirocco Victory Is Taken Not Given


Sirocco Success Is Not Accidental


Sirocco Go Big Or Go Home


Vet Ch Krysolit Confetti Magic


Clezel's D'WildGold


Clezel's Ginger Glow's Of Magic


Clezel's Girl Of Magic


Clezel's Grace The Magic Cracker


Clezel's Gold'N Magic


Borys Aliweria


Axel Aliweria


Axa Aliweria


Aron Aliweria


Aira Aliweria


Bisset Chinese Dynasty Family


Bellis Chinese Dynasty Family


Bayron Chinese Dynasty Family


Brixton Chinese Dynasty Family


Ametysth Chinese Dynasty Family


Niobbe Dandy Mate "BIBI"


Viva Forever Princes de la Roses


Star Dynasty Opium


Izabel Krilya Angela


Star Show Bon Ami Elis British Queen


Great Expectations Heybett


Ognenny Lotos Imbir'


Rozwazna I Romantyczna Sasima FCI


Edelweiss Feminine Charm


Kellyn N Dasha's I Can Explain


Jamie Oliver Di Rabozi

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