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CDX, CGN; CGC; TDI, RN, RA, RE (Rally Excellent),AG.N.J., CD, VCX (Versatility Certificate Excellent),URO1, Ag.N., RAE1, RAE2, RAE3, RAE4 (First Crested to earn CKC RAEs), and #1 All Breed Rally Obedience Dog in Canada for 2010, and once again #1 All Breed Rally Obedience Dog in Canada in March/April 2011Altair's On Golden Pond

: 15.04.2007
: Powderpuff
Pat Pentland (Altair Perm. Reg'd, Canada)
Rebecca and Mark Adams
  • Katherine is #1 All Breed Rally Obedience Dog in Canada - 2010

  • Katherine earned her RAE in 20 straight qualifying trials, receiving many "High in Class" and perfect scores along the way.
    ©announcement design: R. Adams

  • Katherine earned her CD Obedience title in one weekend, after qualifying at all of her first four trials,placing every time & "High in Class" twice
    ©R. Adams

  • ©Pat Pentland

  • Katherine at 7 weeks.
    ©Pat Pentland

  • ©Pat Pentland

  • Katherine at 11 weeks.
    ©Pat Pentland

  • ©T Dean

  • Katherine at the 2009 National Specialty
    ©David Sombach

  • Our beautiful girl, Katherine.
    ©R Adams


* In Sept. 2008, Katherine achieved her Rally Novice (RN) title in her first three trials, earning "High in Class" placements along the way.

** In July 2009, Katherine achieved her Rally Advanced (RA)title in only two days during her first four trials with an average score of approx. 96%. She also placed at every trial, including winning two "High in Class" awards.

*** In August 2009, Katherine achieved her Rally Excellent (RE)Title. She qualified in only one long weekend during her first three trials, winning "High in Class" at each of these trials, and a fourth "High in Class" in a subsequent trial on the same day.

* Katherine succeeded in earning her Rally Novice, Rally Advanced, and Rally Excellent titles in only one year. During these trials, she also received eight "High in Class" awards, as well as numerous other placements and prizes.

*In early August 2009, Katherine completed her first agility title, Agility Novice Jumper (Ag.N.J.),and received "first place" ribbons on each of her qualifying trials.

*In September 2009, Katherine earned her Companion Dog (CD) title in only one weekend, after qualifying at all of her first four trials. Katherine also placed at every trial, earning two 2nd place rosettes, followed by two "High in Class" awards.

***On October 30th, 2009, at only 2.5 years of age, Katherine earned her "Versatility Certificate Excellent" (VCX), the highest versatility award offered by the Chinese Crested Club of Canada.

* In April 2010, Katherine earned her first UKC rally title, URO1.
* In April 2010, Katherine also earned a High in Trial award.

* In May 2010, Katherine was also High in Trial in the Obedience Trials held at the American Chinese Crested Club's annual specialty.

* In June 2010, Katherine earned her Ag.N. (novice agility title)

*** On March 21st, 2010, Katherine became the first Chinese Crested RAE in Canada. She was not quite 3 years old.

*** On Aug. 2nd, 2010, Katherine became the first Crested RAE2 in Canada, at less than 3.5 years of age.

***On Nov.27th, 2010, Katherine became the first RAE3 in Canada, at approx. 3.5 years of age.

***On Nov. 28th, 2010, Katherine became one of the top Rally Obedience dogs in Canada:
A) the #1 Toy Breed Rally Dog in Canada; and
B) the #2 All Breed Rally Dog in Canada (She had 432 points, and the #1 all breed dog finished with 434 points - a difference of only 2 points)

****** In December 2010, Katherine became the #1 All Breed Rally Obedience Dog in Canada for the year of 2010.

****** In 2011, Katherine once again became the #1 All Breed Rally Obedience Dog in Canada (for March and April 2011)

*Katherine earned three RAE titles in less than one year, placing many times along the way. She qualified in 60 straight trials to earn these titles. To date, during Katherine's rally career she has successfully qualified (and often placed) in more than 100 Rally trials.
* In March 2011, Katherine achieved another "First" for Chinese Cresteds - she became the first Crested to earn her CKC RAE4.

***** Katherine is now one of the most highly titled CKC All Breed Rally Obedience Dogs in Canadian history - and she has accomplished all of her titles, etc. before she was even four years old! *****

In July 2015, Katherine earned her CDX in one weekend, and was "High in Class" for two of her three title legs.

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