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Reg. Nr
: S53088/2008
: 28.06.2008
: Svart & Vit
: Powderpuff
: 28.00cm (11.0")
Ulla-Britt Lindahl (Noon, Sverige)
Ulla-Britt Lindahl (Noon, Sverige)
  • On the move - Trondheim july 2010 - 2 years old.

  • Flying getting BOB in Norway mars 2011, Cacib and by that qualified for the Int Champinship

  • Flying showing at the World Dogshow/Denmark juni 2010. Not yet beeing 2 years old.

  • Flying Jan 2010. I just loves this face!

  • Flying in Kajaani Int /Finland Januari 2010. Winning R Cacib - 18 mounth old.
    ©Jonna Laakso@

  • Flying 15 mounth. Sundsvall Int winning Cac and Cacib.

  • On the move - Sundsvall Int Okt 2009.

  • "What are you looking at? Im just a baby, living on a farm, but....I know Im beautiful:)! This day i got CAC and BOB in Norway:)"
    ©@Kennel Noon

  • Flying 13 mounth at Tromso/Norway ToydogShow 9 Aug 2009 - winning CAC & BOB.

  • Norway/Tromso Toydog Show 9 Aug 2009.
    BOB Noons Keep On Flying - 13 mounth. BOS V.S.O.P Napoleon Sakladir
    ©@Kennel Noon

  • Super sweet Flying 1 Year - june 2009, home in the garden.

  • Flying 11 mounth old
    ©Kennel Noon

  • ©Kennel Noon

  • Also at show winning CK and Best Bitch 3 from junoir class - 11 mounth.
    ©Kennel Noon

  • Flying winning CK from juniorclass. Also Best Bitch 3!
    ©Kennel Noon

  • On her first off. show - 10 mounth old. Winner of the juniorclass - also with CK:)
    ©Kennel Noon


* Undefeated from puppyclasses.

* Many CK/Exellent from junior/ youngster classes - also placed in Best Female competition as a junior & youngster.

The Kennels motto is "Less is More":) So she is Very limited shown - 23 shows all together so far (of that 14 in Sweden)- she has at the age of 3 year - July 2011. This merits from competion from Kennel Club All breed shows & toydog association shows:

* 5 x Best Of Breed
* 5 x Best Opposite Sex
* 3 CAC in Noway
* 1 CAC in Finland
* 1 CAC in Sweden
* 1 CAC in Estonia
* 1 CAC in Lituania
* 1 CAC in Latvia
* 2 x Cacib in Sweden
* 1 x Cacib in Finland
* 1 x Cacib in Norway
* 1 x Cacib in Lituania
* 1 R-Cacib in Finland
* 1 R-Cacib in Sweden
* 1 R-Cacib in Lituania

She is: Our Love & Pride - "She is the One":)
A small lady with a absolut great temperament! We think her motto is: "The noble art of a happy face - may one day save the human race"

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Noon's My Flying Bagheera
Noon's My Flying Angelina
Noon's My Flying Puma
Noon's Keep On Flying

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