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Ponyville's Yu-mi To Cute So Su-mi

Reg. Nr
: TR97386104
: 04.06.2010
: Chocolate
: Powderpuff
: 25.40cm (10") / 4.58kg (10.0#)
Janet Dembowski and Cyndie (Ponyville Cresteds, USA)
Pet home
  • Her eyes are haunting and look right through you (she will yell if you are not fair and stomp her feet:-) SMART COOKIE!
    ©Brenda Carlson

  • Yumi 10 days before whelping looking good for a pregnant lady:-)
    ©Brenda Carlson

  • Chilling in her jammies!
    ©Brenda Carlson

  • Yumi at the AKC fun match last year. She did really good for her first show. We just decided that for now we would rather she be a therapy dog/service dog for my husband. Maybe in a year or two
    ©Brenda Carlson

  • Trying so hard to get her to stack for a "non" handler stranger. She was very distracted by the kids and the "poppers"
    ©Brenda Carlson
    ©Brenda Carlson

  • Yumi shaved for the summer...almost stacking at a public event where we raise funds to match rescues and Veterans. She is currently working as a service dog and therapy dog!
    ©Brenda Carlson

  • Yumi at 6 months old
    ©Brenda Carlson

  • Yu-mi Strike a pose...what a good girl in her partial summer cut before she is evaluated for her possible show career...keep your paws crossed
    ©Brenda Carlson

  • My Ebay clothes model...Yu-Mi I love her hazel green eyes
    ©Brenda Carlson

  • Yumi at 6 months
    ©Brenda Carlson

  • Yumi at the VA hospital in Reno learning how to be a Good Citizen. About 4 months old
    ©Brenda Carlson

  • Yumi at 8 weeks, true chocolate with green eyes, and brown points
    ©Cyndie Taylor


Pll carrier PRA clear,
Fixed and in a loving Pet Home working as a Service Dog for a young girl with Autism!

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Født: 09.08.2014  Etter: Xpozures Inspire To Desire Little Lover Eros

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