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61 kull / 193 hunder oppdrettet av:DoucaiAlexandra Cole, England

We are a small kennel that firstly adore our dogs. Foremost we breed for temprement and correct conformation to breed standard. We breed with bone in our lines as feel alot of cresteds can be very fine with barrel bodies which to us looks unbalanced. We have a happy medium in our dogs not heavy and course but well boned and balanced. Our dogs like fun and adventure and enjoy a full life, they are not a type to be caged but want to be royalty. We have exported with great success and have a very happy extended family around the world. We only breed from healthy dogs with good lines that we trust as our dogs welfare is our foremost. We only let the best go out as it is nice to bring joy into others lives. Quotes about our dogs are : they have never seen such outgoing crazy puppies...........also nothing moves like a Doucai. Unlike other kennels we could never send a nervous dog out to export as think it would not be fair to dog or owner. Far better to pethome one without the showoff temprement. We try and match dog to owner and lifestyle. One thing is our dogs overtake wherever they love attention. We are proud of all our kids and their wonderful owners and can never thank them enough for giving them some wonderful homes.

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