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4 kull / 11 hunder oppdrettet av:SandStorm KennelsSandra L. Hoesel, USA

Welcome to SandStorm Kennels page! I have been involved with dogs the better part of my life. I enjoy and am successful with many different facets of training and competition from Conformation & Show, Obedience, Tracking and Pointing Breed Field Events (for the pointing breeds - although my Cresteds have shown their prowess hunting upland game birds). The Chinese Crested intrigued me long before they became an AKC breed here in the states. I was immediately drawn to their exotic beauty, size, intelligence and personalities. The fact that I can have beautiful coated Cresteds or beautiful hairless Cresteds made this breed even more desirable for me. I purposely keep my breeding program small as that way can truly evaluate what I am producing and make the best decisions for future puppies and I DO NOT make my living breeding and selling animals. Litters occur in a limited fashion, only if I recognize we have the potential to produce exceptional AKC purebred puppies. I am demanding about health clearances for all the dogs, clear cardiac, eyes CERF'd, Optigen for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) and Von Willenbrand's, OFA for hips, elbows, patellas and Progressive Lens Luxation (PLL). My breeding dogs have CHIC ( and I am an AKC Breeder of Merit for Chinese Cresteds and Weimaraners. My dogs are proven in the ring and performance venues, as well as being exceptional family members and any puppies only go to qualified homes. I also have a strict policy of accepting any dog back at any time if the owner must surrender the dog for any reason, along with being available to help with questions, issues and of course delight in your success! After all, it was my idea to bring that pup into this world, I as the breeder have responsibilities that extend far beyond the day you take your sweet little puppy home. I do far more training and exhibiting than breeding, however my passion for dogs extends thru various mediums and I am fortunate to be quite successful at turning out versatile dogs that excel across many venues, AKC hunt tests and field trials, NAVHDA, AKC Tracking Champions, High In Trial Obedience dogs, Bench Champions and more. I expect the same high qualities of structure, movement and temperament in my Chinese Cresteds as I do with my sporting breeds. Breedings are undertaken with great scrutiny and utmost care is placed on all the genetic testing possible, truly understanding pedigrees and what is actually behind those dogs in the way of health and temperament and of course performance. I spend years researching this information, performing testing and titling as well as making assessments of temperament, trainability and asking the hard questions about the potential breeding before ever moving forward with it. I am not willing to take a "see what happens" attitude. The biggest question is "will these pups have the qualities that will enable them to reach their potential and will they be temperamentally sound"? I do not produce 'kennel dogs' but work hard to ensure socialization and the right kinds of positive experiences which helps create dogs that you can live with. I have lost count of show and field titles and do very little breeding as truly enjoy my dogs as companions, working and competition partners. Your new best friend should be a happy, healthy animal that will provide you with many years of companionship, enjoyment and pride whether the dog has a beautiful puff coat or it is a hairless Chinese Crested.

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