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92 Hunder endret den 25.02.2018

Extra Small von Natelberg


Esprit Line Pearl von Natelberg


Vintage Elegance Dark And Stormy Attire


JCH Famrus Miss Attiude


Famous Wizard of Oz


Famous stripped down to black n white


De Cabanelas Cupid


De Cabanelas Vixen


De Cabanelas Prancer


Muso Grazioso D..


Famous Stardust of Valor be Heaven Sent


Famous Sasha Fierce


Anna Sky Kennel Corazon de Leon


Famous Raider


Famous Pixie Dream Girl


Famous Norske


Famous Nakia "Tiny Bit Nakie"


Famous Memoirs of a Geisha


Famous Love Diamond of Coal


Famous lil' Miss Cricket


Famous Jäger


Famous Gentleman Prefer Blondes


Famous From Paris With Love


Famous Breaking the Law


Famous Black Tie Affair








CH Famous Heir to the Bare-On Legacy


A Famous Risin Star At Heaven Sent


Mountain Meadows Famous Max a Million


AkDeniz Rockabilly Boy


Volcancrest Tambre


Volcancrest Arnoia


Volcancrest Hydra


Volcancrest Cassiopeia


Hottie Tots F Hl T 4


Hottie Tots F Hl H 2


Cassia Bark in Chinese spices Gea Ledra


Hottie Tots F Pp H 1


Hottie Tots F Hl H 1


Hottie Tots F Hl T 3


Hottie Tots F Hl T 2


Hottie Tots F Hl T 1


Hottie Tots F Pp T 2


Hottie Tots F Pp T 1


Family Mar's Tzariy


Show Me Love Princes de la Roses


Moon Harbour Nymphea


Never Enough of Angel's Legacy


Famrus Princess Magnificent


Dolores Grzywkomania


Saturn de Sothis


Tibalt De Sothis


Ksolo Club Amone Star


Ksolo Club Archi Gold


Ksolo Club Bourbon Natural leather


Muso Graziozo Destiny Chocolate Miracle


Kryddhundens Primo Yellow


Kryddhundens Pimenta Puma


Kryddhundens Pepperoni


Kalimera's Jesus Christ Superstar


Kalimera's The Devil wears Prada


Arte Figure Not A Sinner Nor A Saint


Aurum Time Ovatsiya


Aurum Time Oxford


Aurum Time Octava


Denville Ozi Ozornitsa


Denville Ozi Orlik


Quatie of the loving dols


Quamiel of the loving dols


Fevy's Talisman


Starsky Viuhti


Starsky Lounatuuli


Starsky Suvituuli


Starsky Pyrytuuli


Starsky Suomen Sulotar


Starsky Suomen Sorjatar


Starsky Suomen Neito


Starsky Suomen Kaunotar


Starsky Suomen Sulho


Starsky Suomen Urho


Starsky Suomen Sisu


Fundoklia-völgyi Kaszanics Black Beauty


Starsky Annabella


Zheremi Laert


Hairicane Reba


Hairicane HL 3


Delende Keepin It Real!


Ksolo Club Akita Moon


Ksolo Club Ay Ambarussa


Rock Star's Juicy Lucy

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