M-ligans Inez "Gracie"

Practical Hero Coconut Captain Chinese Crested
Crufts qualification 2011
Practical Hero Coconut Captain
Taijan Dreamer Nepomuk Chinese Crested
Taijan Dreamer Nepomuk
Moonswift Cisco Kid Chinese Crested
Moonswift Cisco Kid
Moonswift Dark Crusader
Moonswift Ruby Tuesday
Strippoker's Dragqueen Chinese Crested
CERCH, DCH(Club), DKCH, EURCH, GEOCH, INTCH, LUXCH, MACH, NLCH, SECH, VDHCH LUX & D JCH, EUJW-01, WJW-01, VDH-Bundessieger, Amsterdam W-01, ClubW-01, VDH-European-Winner 2002
Strippoker's Dragqueen
Jordi from House Off Angie Chinese Crested
Jordi from House Off Angie
Moonswift Candle In The Wind Chinese Crested
Moonswift Candle In The Wind
Zucci Bling Bling Chinese Crested
Zucci Bling Bling
Zucci Mazar Romantic Romeo Chinese Crested
Zucci Mazar Romantic Romeo
Zucci Highly Dashing
Zucci High On Style Chinese Crested
Zucci High On Style
Zucci Highly Enchanting
Zucci Definatly Desirable Chinese Crested
Zucci Definatly Desirable
Zucci Miss Sophistication
Fullibus Granny Smith Chinese Crested
Fullibus Granny Smith
Vanitonia Bullet Proof Chinese Crested
Vanitonia Bullet Proof
Blandora Live Now Pay Later Vanitonia
Glebeheath The Entertainer Chinese Crested
Glebeheath The Entertainer
Mincrest Made To Measure For Blandora Chinese Crested
Mincrest Made To Measure For Blandora
Blandora Bloomin Lovely For Langshava
Blandora Simply Struttin
Foaldown Blue Moon
Sun Dan Fashion For You Chinese Crested
Sun Dan Fashion For You
Sherabill Chilly Willy Chinese Crested
Sherabill Chilly Willy
Belachi Bare Nlovinit Chinese Crested
Belachi Bare Nlovinit
Belachi Bare Splendour Chinese Crested
Belachi Bare Splendour
Silvestra-Haus-Hit Anfisa Chinese Crested
Silvestra-Haus-Hit Anfisa
Sasquehanna Sumak  Chinese Crested
Sasquehanna Sumak
Vellar Pljus Allana Chinese Crested
Vellar Pljus Allana
Regenerate pedigree

F: 0