Dickerson's Lalalelu

Vanderpool Dickersons Wolfman
Rodridge Royal Dickerson Chinese Crested
Rodridge Royal Dickerson
Moonswift Mr Wu of Apocodeodar Chinese Crested
Moonswift Mr Wu of Apocodeodar
Staround Romeo
Moonswift Miss Dixie
Moonswift Pussy Galore
Cannybuff Casanova Of Moonswift
Cannybuff Cleopatra
Dickerson's Pearl Bailey
Dobie Of Quilceda Crest
Staround Mordor Anatol
Katara Of Lucky Crest
Dickerson's China Empress
Red's Yushu
Red's Tiny Tina Gallo
Dickerson Sandy Silverbluff
Dickerson's Aztec Warrior
Dickerson's Aztec Emperor Chinese Crested
Dickerson's Aztec Emperor
Meadowcrest's Master Poe Crest Haven
Dickerson's Lotus Flower Maya Chinese Crested
Dickerson's Lotus Flower Maya
Lotus Blossum De Chann-Ell
Dickerson's Happy Of Mayapan
Val's Chiquita Banannas
Dickerson's Welsh Sweetheart
Moonswift Dangerman-Mayapan Chinese Crested
Moonswift Dangerman-Mayapan
Moonswift Captain Fantastic Chinese Crested
Moonswift Captain Fantastic
Saridak's Sugar 'N' Spice Of Moonswift
Alltot Ch'ing Te Of Dickerson
Aes Into Amberro
Jevalfy Chrysanthemum
Regenerate pedigree

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