Mar-Kays Fantasy Mandie

Vanderpool Dickersons Wolfman
Rodridge Royal Dickerson Chinese Crested
Rodridge Royal Dickerson
Moonswift Mr Wu of Apocodeodar Chinese Crested
Moonswift Mr Wu of Apocodeodar
Staround Romeo
Moonswift Miss Dixie
Moonswift Pussy Galore
Cannybuff Casanova Of Moonswift
Cannybuff Cleopatra
Dickerson's Pearl Bailey
Dobie Of Quilceda Crest
Staround Mordor Anatol
Katara Of Lucky Crest
Dickerson's China Empress
Red's Yushu
Red's Tiny Tina Gallo
Dickerson's Belle Star Chanel
Dickerson's E T Of Mayapan
Mordor Coronet Rivercrest Croatoan
Hey-Der Of Crest Haven Chinese Crested
Hey-Der Of Crest Haven
Mordor Minnie Pearl
Dickerson's Red Dragon Lady
Sire Not Recorded
Dam Not Recorded
Mitsu Yi De Chann-Ell
Dickerson's Midnight Dancer Chinese Crested
Dickerson's Midnight Dancer
Meadowcrest's Master Poe Crest Haven
Dickerson's Lotus Flower Maya Chinese Crested
Dickerson's Lotus Flower Maya
Ming Lei De Chann-Ell
Dickerson's Happy Of Mayapan
Val's Chiquita Banannas
Regenerate pedigree

F: 0.49