Spiritcrest china doll "china"

stud book number
Midnight Prancing Pony
Geolou Hector the Great
Jokima Jiggery Pokery Chinese Crested
Jokima Jiggery Pokery
Honebon Highly Unholy Chinese Crested
Honebon Highly Unholy
Jokima Jelica
Jokima Jiggerboo
Jokima Julius Chinese Crested
Jokima Julius
Jokima Jingle Chinese Crested
Jokima Jingle
sealindy simmi Girl
Dardanus requi Bleu
spike of the hill
Poppypops At Stow
laross Graceful Girl
Angelcrest Black Night Chinese Crested
Angelcrest Black Night
Blandora Ruby Rose
Geolou Bright Star
Shumllea Spit N Polish Chinese Crested
Shumllea Spit N Polish
Jokima Jean Louis of Croftdane Chinese Crested
Jokima Jean Louis of Croftdane
Riordan Rumoured to be Jokima
Saltillo Could it be Magic for Jokima Chinese Crested
Saltillo Could it be Magic for Jokima
Shumllea Tinkerbelle Chinese Crested
Shumllea Tinkerbelle
Zucci Fancy Man JW Chinese Crested
Zucci Fancy Man JW
Shumllea Fairytale Chinese Crested
Shumllea Fairytale
Geolou Starlite
Blandora Simply The Best Of Geolou
Blandora Pony Express
Saltillo Simply Red
Geolou Toyah in Fashion
Blandora Atlantic Express Chinese Crested
Blandora Atlantic Express
blandora fahion girl of geolou
Regenerate pedigree

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