Shimmy Shimmy Coconut "COCONUT"

Gizmo The Great Ii
Experience Of Pleasure Von Shinbashi Chinese Crested
Experience Of Pleasure Von Shinbashi
Unlimited Edition Von Shinbashi Chinese Crested
Unlimited Edition Von Shinbashi
Undercover Agent von Shinbashi Chinese Crested
CERCH, DCH(Club), INTCH(FCI), LUXCH, NLCH, VDHCH Ch.Latvia , Ch. Russia
Undercover Agent von Shinbashi
Frendor's Jann-Malu Chinese Crested
Frendor's Jann-Malu
Unknown Lady Von Shinbashi Chinese Crested
VDHCH, DCH(Club), INTCH, CERCH, LUXJCH Dt.Jgd.Ch.CER, ClubJgdsg. CER 98, Clubsieger CER 99,
Unknown Lady Von Shinbashi
Rambow von Shinbashi Chinese Crested
Rambow von Shinbashi
Nina von Shinbashi Chinese Crested
Nina von Shinbashi
Wesann's Mitzi
Wesann's Garth
Wudnshu's Mickey Moe Toes
Classy Clara Dee Of Wesann
Ponycrest Pandora
Ponycrest Sport
Ponycrest Hotstuff
Wesann's Honey And Biscuits
Blanch-o's Seabiscuit
Blanchos Take Your Best Shot
Tapscott's Mane Attraction
Wesann's Blanch-o's Design
Shambhala Marie's Iggie Girl
Lou-Gin Littlest Emperor Chinese Crested
Lou-Gin Littlest Emperor
Shambhala Heavenly Pandorea
Regenerate pedigree

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